The Leka Xi System

Typically installed on concrete pads the Leka Xi saves time, mess and stress when considering a new build conservatory or single storey extension. The GRP cladding skins come in a range of colours and offer a sustainable replication of either real brick work, stone or timber. We can even supply external boarding, immediately ready for a plasterer to render directly to. Typically a conservatory, including the Leka Xi base/wall system, as well as a Leka roof, are installed in days……not weeks. No thermal bridging or moisture absorption due to our GRP lightweight, structurally sound frame work. Thermally efficient to building regulation standards.

A Sustainable Alternative

Highly engineered, pre-fabricated modular sections, creating comfort that every part of the Xi has been factory tested before delivery. The Xi revolutionises the building market and provides homeowners with multiple benefits. the Leka Xi can provide a warm, sustainable alternative to a traditional block/brick built conservatory base/wall.

Our highly skilled team has gained experience from installing the Leka system, and this knowledge has become extremely beneficial in the way we manufacture this innovative product. This experience runs right through from manufacture to onsite installation of just about every conservatory design structure you could possibly imagine. The benefit being, our mechanical engineers can design the perfect system, however some times practical reasoning will uncover installation faults onsite that design and calculations cannot foresee. This team collaboration between design & installation ensures a seamless process & a more advanced product in the Leka System.

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A detailed system break down of the Leka Xi Modular Wall & Base. This provides lighter and better, conservatory base insulation. We will explain how the only roof system of its kind in the world can transform your existing Orangery or enhance your proposed new Orangery project.

Choose Your Finish

Authentic, lifelike GRP skins create a quick, clean alternative to traditional brickwork. Here are just a small range of colours that are available. Ask about further choices of external finish.

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