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Our orangery roof conversion kit replaces your existing fiberglass, traditional build, glass or polycarbonate roofing system with a lightweight, thermally efficient, structural Orangery roof replacement system. The Leka Roof System is approved by MFA, the licensed building inspector, and is proven to outperform and outlast most systems. The orangery kit is designed for homeowners and built for the trade. It’s incredibly lightweight, easy to install and complies with building regulation U-values. There are no aluminium or timber components in the build. The Leka System is built from four simple ladder kits made from GRP (glass reinforced plastic).

Cutting Edge Technology

The Leka system provides better orangery roof insulation with a high quality visual approach. 4 simple ladder kits, that comply with building regulation U Values and have no aluminium or timber components. The orangery roof kit is now the cutting egde product of choice by many installation companies and home owners.

Leka GRP is not at risk of sweating, condensation or cold bridging, unlike alumium, nor is GRP open to woodworm, moisture absortion or rotting such as timber. Leka insulated outer sheets alloy for fewer roofing bars, therefore creating a much more efficient roofing system. Guttering is the attached to a UPVC fascia cappit, which completes the our Leka waterproofing system. Low energy spotlights can be fitted for the best quality interior lighting. The unique design, manufacturing process and product layers of the Leka Orangery are innovative and efficient. For more information about becoming a Leka Orangery Roofing system installer, contact the team at Vectur group today!

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A Leka Orangery Roof provides lighter and better, Orangery roof insulation. We will explain how the only roof system of its kind in the world can transform your existing Orangery or enhance your proposed new Orangery project. Contact Vectur Group if you require any more information

The ‘Leka System’ is approved by MFA, the licenced building inspector and is proven to outperform and outlast most traditional materials used in flat roof installations. It is a truly lightweight, Orangery flat roof system that has amazing span capabilities as well as thermal efficiency benefits. If you’re looking to upgrade, replace or convert an orangery roof, our orangery roof conversion kit is up to 40% lighter than competitor products. It’s the cutting-edge roofing system of choice for many installation companies and homeowners because of this. When only the very best will do, the Leka System delivers.

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