Britmet Tiles

Vectur Group are stockists of Britmet Tiles. The Britmet LiteSlate range offers numerous features and benefits, including no breaking or cracking, maintenance-free, lightweight and a 40 year guarantee. Along with quick and easy installation, the synthetic tile is an easy choice over traditional slate. Suitable for an extensive range of projects, the tiles are popular for use with garages, lean to’s, pergolas, camping pods, stable and holiday homes.

Cost Effective Options

Our range of Britmet LiteSlate is a low maintenance and cost effective alternative to traditional slate roofing. The Tiles feature texture of traditional tiles to give them an authentic finish and are available in 7 colours – Slate, Charcoal, Ash, Oak, Sunshine, Sunset and Amethyst. We also stock the colour coordinating Ridge Tiles and 1m Dry Verge.


All Britmet tiles, from our anti-vandal Pantile 2000 to our synthetic slate tile Liteslate, dramatically cut the carbon footprint of any install project due to their lightweight capabilities. As more tiles can be loaded onto lorries, less fuel is used during transport. Furthermore, our tiles are installed tightly meaning they go above and beyond at keeping warm air inside your home, and cold air out.  Britmet’s myriad of tile profiles are provided with a 40-year weather penetration guarantee* and an estimated lifecycle of 60 years, meaning you won’t be in a hurry to replace them! However, if you are concerned for your next generation, our tiles are recyclable at their end-of-life cycle.      

Low Cost

Britmet’s lightweight tile range is purposefully designed to meet the aesthetics of traditional concrete, clay and slate tiles while outperforming them in low-pitch capabilities, durability and cost. Our range of lightweight metal sheets replicates the cover width of 5 traditional tiles saving you money and time through speedy installation. Our products are designed with installers at all skill levels in mind so that anyone, from DIY enthusiasts to experienced, approved installers, can fix our tiles quickly and safely.   In addition, Britmet tiles are maintenance-free for 40 years, saving you money on annual checks and repairs. Unlike traditional roofing materials, Britmet tiles will not break, chip, crack or delaminate, providing you with sound piece of mind and a low lifecycle cost.   

Britmet Liteslate

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Ridge - Amethyst

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3 way top cap - Amethyst

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end cap 135 - Ash

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end cap 90 - Slate grey


Introduced to the market in May 2019, Britmet’s Liteslate is our innovative synthetic slate roofing tile made from 90% recycled polymers with all the characteristics you can expect from a traditional slate tile. Liteslate offers an authentic finish with riven edges, traditional colour choices and impeccable durability During the design process, real welsh slate was used in order to perfect the aesthetics and performance qualities of the LiteSlate.

Furthermore, the LiteSlate is designed with the environment in mind. Over 90% of the Polymers that LiteSlate is made from are recycled. In 2021, Britmet will recycle over three million kilograms of polypropylene during the manufacturing process. In summer 2019, the LiteSlate passed its fire testing with a BS476-3 Fire Rating and new mould designs started development due to increasing customer demand for the composite slate. We have 7 production lines manufacturing the Liteslate ensuring that 14 slates are made every 45 seconds to supply our customer demand. As our Liteslate is compression moulded, it has detailed impressions displaying where to fix the slate making it even easier for DIY installation. It is also easy to cut as you only require a sharp, fine-tooth saw or sharp blade.

Britmet Shingle Tiles

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Slim 3 Way Top Cap

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5 way top cap - moss green

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90 angle end cap - rustic brown

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135 angle end cap - moss green

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angle ridge - rustic brown

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Barge Soaker

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Touch Up Kit

Features & Benefits

  • *Proudly manufactured in Britain
  • *Lightweight weighing less than 13kg per m2
  • *40-Year weather penetration guarantee
  • *BS476-3 fire rating
  • *Manufactured using over 90% recycled polymers
  • *Largest standard colour range in the UK
  • *Pitch as low as 15 degrees

Shingle Overview

The Britmet Shingle tile is designed to give an authentic shingle effect available in the largest standard colour range in the UK. With all the characteristics you could expect from traditional American shingle, the Britmet Shingle is unique with a full dry-fix, interlocking hidden-fix design to keep your roof flush from fixings. Unlike traditional shingle, our lightweight design offers the perfect solution to any project. Despite having a steel base, the Britmet shingle weighs just under 7kg per sqm! Most importantly, you can have a sound piece of mind using the Britmet Shingle as we are proud owners of an AA fire classification (BS476-3) (equal to traditional roof tiles and slates) and we are proud to offer a 40-year guarantee against weather penetration.

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